thc honey

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Bird and the Bee founder Elizabeth Vernon learned to keep bees at a nearby community garden when a beekeeper visited and offered to take her on as an apprentice. After working with several beekeeping mentors and taking on multiple internships in upstate New York, Maine, Jamaica and the West Indies, it was apparent Elizabeth had found her purpose.

Today, Vernon is known as “Queen Bee” to everyone she meets and has been an apiarist for nearly 10 years. Also a certified massage therapist with a degree in Eastern Medicine, she’s living her dream by combining her two passions: healing and beekeeping.

Back home in Northern New Jersey, when Elizabeth isn’t breeding Ayam Cemanis, a beautiful rare chicken from Indonesia, she keeps busy infusing botanicals like cannabis into honey with her Magical Butter machine. Adding cannabis to honey creates a powerful and healthy natural remedy, since both are known to have healing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis-infused honey can be used topically or ingested—depending on the desired effects.

Fascinated by the Queen Bee and the healing magic of cannabis-infused honey, High Times and Magical Butter sat down with Elizabeth Vernon to learn what the buzz is all about.

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