Steps to transfer your money online

Step 1. Go to Western Union's website and click 'Send money.'


Step 2. Select the country you’re sending to, the amount you’re sending and how your recipient will collect their funds. Then click 'Continue.'


Step 3. Log in if you have a Western Union account. Otherwise, click 'Sign up.'


Step 4. Set up your account.

Enter your email address and create a password. Provide your name, phone number, address and birth date. Then choose and answer the security questions, copy the security code and check that you agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Continue.”


Step 5. Initiate your transfer.

Western Union will email you a four-digit code. Check your email, enter this code and check that you agree with the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Once you’re fully logged in, enter the details of your transfer — including your recipient’s full contact information and banking details, if sending to a bank account. Choose your method of payment and enter your credit card details. Finally, confirm and complete your transfer. You’ll receive confirmation by email with your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) — the number you can use to track your transfer online along the process to receipt.